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Step 1:
Determine the square footage of each wall to be covered by multiplying the ceiling height by the wall width.

Step 2:
Add the square feet of all walls together to get the total square footage.

Sq. ft. in wall 1 +
Sq. ft. in wall 2 +
Sq. ft. in wall 3 +
Sq. ft. in wall 4 =
Total number of sq.ft. to be covered.

Step 3:
Divide the total sq. ft. by 25 to determine how many single rolls you will need. The number 25 allows for a large repeat pattern to ensure you will have plenty of wallpaper for your projects.

Step 4:
All wallpaper is sold in double rolls. So after you get your number in step 3 divide it by two to figure how many double rolls you will need.

Need a Border?

Most rolls of borders have 5 yards or 15 feet per roll. To calculate how much border you will need follow this calculation:

Width in wall 1 +
Width in wall 2 +
Width in wall 3 +
Width in wall 4 =
Total width for all 4 walls.

Take the total width and divide by 15 feet = number of rolls of border you need.